Video Event Coverage - Package (Includes editing and one DVD)

Let us cover your event:
Grand opening, coleadera, parade, concert, reunion, banquet, car show, corporate party, etc…

We’ll take pictures, conduct video interviews of guests and hosts, and record the highlights of your event. Your edited video and photos will be placed on front page free for 7 days, or a web page for 1 year (charges applied for web page)

Video Event Sponsor (Contact us for prices)
Special Spotlight Event Videos sponsored by your business.

Five Minute Business Video Interview (Contact us for prices)
Let customers find out what your business is all about, directly from you. Upload video to your website, or one of our websites for an additional charge. 

Three Minute Campaign Video (Contact us for prices)
So you're running for office, great! Now let all your voters know 
why you are the best candidate and why they need to vote for 
DVD with produced video. 

Property Video Tours - (Contact us for prices)
A three to five minute instrumental video tour, complete with text explaining all the features of your property, and your business.

"Weddings Package" or “Quinceañera” (Contact us for prices)
Pre - Ceremony Events, Ceremony, Reception, Best Wishes from Guests on video.
Event loaded on a web-page on English or Spanish side
Quick turn around time!

Thank you for your time

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